Marcel-Pierre Den Ouden

Former senior anti-dumping case handler EU DG Trade


Marcel is international trade counsel at VVGB and has worked for the European Commission for over 30 years out of which he spent more than 15 years in DG Trade as a case handler in charge of anti-dumping files. Marcel specializes in the calculation of production costs and the determination of dumping and injury margins.

Marcel has been involved in countless dumping and injury investigations, ranging from Ball bearings from Japan to Salmon from Chili and the Faroe Islands. Other significant cases in which Marcel has been involved include, for example, Thermal fax paper from Japan, Magnesite and dead burned magnesite from China (reference country India and Turkey), Fluor spar from China (reference country South Africa), Televisions from Japan, and Disposable lighters from Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Apart from anti-dumping investigations, Marcel has been responsible for the verification of compliance with undertakings such as Pipe fittings from Thailand, South Korea and Slovenia. Marcel is a qualified accountant and financial auditor and has an economic background, with a specialization in statistics and numbers-based analysis. Marcel speaks Dutch, English, German and French and has a basic knowledge of Spanish and Italian.